Welcome to Verizon Coverage Map

Verizon Coverage Map

Verizon Coverage Map, and The ABCs of CHOOSING THE BEST NETWORK

Welcome to Verizon coverage map: The choice is clear. Verizon gives you the best results. See why:

    • Most Reliable Network
    • Get on, stay on
    • Added 2X the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast
    • Smoother streaming, less buffering
    • Ranked 1st for Overall Network Performance
    • America’s largest 4G LTE network – where you are, we’re there too
    • The only 100% pure superfast 4G LTE network
    • Start fast, stay fast

Why Coverage?

Good coverage means picking up your phone and being able to do anything you want, when you want, as quickly as possible, without interruptions or failures. It is more than just the availability of a signal. It’s about the quality and reliability of your entire mobile experience across data, call, and text performance.

Good coverage is all about reliability and speed. These are the true measures of a good mobile experience and they work hand-in-hand: If you can’t reliably connect to the network, you can’t get things done quickly with your phone.

Check your Verizon coverage now

Coverage Verizon vs others

Verizon FIOS

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